The Historic Outline

The parish was established by archbishop Stanisław Szymecki on 24 June 1997. We derived from the parish of St. Andrzej Bobola’s in Białystok and a priest Jerzy Szyryngo became the first parish-priest of a new church.

A priest Stefan Girstun - a parish-priest of St. Andrzej Bobola’s parish – prepared a building lot and had a chapel constructed, which, together with its stations of the Way of the Cross, was consecrated by archbishop Stanisław Szymecki on 22 December 1996. From that time, the chapel became a centre of religious life of a new pastoral unit.
The parish-priest Jerzy Szyryngo managed to enlarge the chapel by constructing two aisles and adapted the building to serve as a temporary parish church.
The building lot for the construction of a new parish church was consecrated by archbishop Stanisław Szymecki on 27 June 1999.
On 10 September 2001 the construction works of a brick church, complex of buildings comprising presbytery and both adminiatrative and pastoral works began. The author of the architectural project is an architect engineer Andrzej Nowakowski. The monumental temple has been inspired by the Basilica of Transfiguration of the Lord on Mount Tabor in Israel, thus it is going to be a triple-nave building with the chapels in the transepts and apsidal closed presbytery. Till November 2001 the foundations were laid, on 12 October 2006 the floor was completed on foundations and on 14 July 2008 the walls began to be constructed.
Simultaneously, the construction works concerning the residential and administrative complex were led and the complex has been ready for the use since March 2014.
On 28 June 2014 archbishop Edward Ozorowski made an act of lying and consecrating the corner stone for the new temple.
On 17 November 2015 priest archbishop Edward Ozorowski appointed priest Grzegorz Malewicz a new parish-priest of the parish of Transfiguration of the Lord in Białystok. The introduction and accession to the parish took place on 22 November 2015. The act of introduction was made by the dean of the Starosielce deanery – priest Tadeusz Żdanuk. Construction works of the temple are constantly progressing at a fairly rapid pace. The Parish House – the administrative building – offers the space for formation meetings of parish groups, as well as a room with full catering and sanitary facilities for 50 people were various occasional meetings (anniversaries, banquets after baptism, Holy Communions or funerals) can be held.

Church fair: 6 August – The Transfiguration of the Lord; 5 October – St. Faustyna Kowalska’s, the patron saint of the parish.

Adoration of the Holy Sacrament (40 – hour service): 22 – 24 June.

Current priests in the parish: parish-priest Grzegorz Malewicz; priest Marcin Kuczyński

Priests derived from the administrative area of the parish: Radosław Hryniewicki, Janusz Siwicki, Marek Siwicki, Wojciech Trzaska

The following streets of Białystok belong to our parish – Barszczańska, Białoruska, Belgijska, Chorwacka, Czeska, Hiszpańska, Klepacka, Kubańska, Litewska (odd numbers 1-31), Meksykańska (27 – 54), Mongolska, Niewodnicka, Polowa (8 - 48/1), Polska, Portugalska, Rumuńska, Serbska, Słoweńska, Szwajcarska, Ukraińska, Warsztatowa (2 and 4), Watykańska, Wietnamska, and the streets of Klepacze – Długa, Dolna, Gliniana, Górna, Graniczna, Krótka, Łąkowa, Mokra, Piaskowa, Poprzeczna, Równoległa, Sucha, Żwirowa belong to the parish.

The parish consists of 3000 Catholics.